Jailbreak iOS 5.1 iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

iOS 5.1 has been available for sometime and now easy tutorials are available to Jailbreak iOS 5.1 easily.
With this guide, you will be able to Jailbreak iOS 5.1  iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with Sn0wbreeze.

You can Jailbreak following devices with Sn0wbreeze:
  • iPhone 4 (Tethered)
  • iPhone 3GS: New bootrom (tethered), Old bootrom (untethered)
  • iPod Touch 4G, 3G (Tethered)
  • iPad 1 (Tethered)
  • A5-Devices not  supported yet (iPhone 4S, iPad 2)
With Sn0wbreeze you can create a custom firmware to Jailbreak iOS 5.1 on iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod Touch and iPad. The method is also recommended for iPhone users who rely on unlock using UltraSn0w/ Gevey SIM as it preserves baseband for unlocking.
Download IOS 5.1 For iPhone 4
Download IOS 5.1 For iPhone 3GS
Download IOS 5.1 For iPad 1
Download IOS 5.1 For iPod Touch 4G
Download IOS 5.1 For iPod Touch 3G

How to Jailbreak iOS 5.1 with Sn0wbreeze

Step 1. With USB cable, connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to iTunes and Run Sn0wBreeze. Hit Ok, and click thenext button.

Step 2. Click Browse and locate the iOS 5.1 IPSW file for your iDevice, hit the Next button.

Step 3. Select the Expert Mode, hit Next, Select General and hit Next;
You can choose whatever you would like to have and click next.

Step 4. Click Build IPSW option and hit next. At this point of time, Sn0wBreeze will start creating custom iOS 5.1 firmware to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
Hit Ok when the process completes. (Custom firmware 5.1 can be found on desktop along with an iBooty folder)

Step 5. Now its time to put your iDevice into DFU mode. Follow onscreen instructions for the same.

Step 6. Open iTunes and while holding shift/Option key, hit restore. Locate & select the custom iOS 5.1 that you built. Let iTunes do its job and soon your device will be running iOS 5.1 jailbroken tethered.

How To Tether Boot
From desktop folder called iBooty, run the iBooty executable. Choose your device from the drop down menu & click “start”. Once again, enter DFU mode using the onscreen instructions.
One you are in DFU mode, iBooty will take care from that point on and your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch would boot Tethered Jailbroken state.

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